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Extreme Freedom & House Regeneration are geared towards combating drug abuse in South Africa. With over 30 years experience in the industry, together with a Phd. Degree in related fields, Dr Ado Krige has been helping thousands of addicts across South Africa break the chains of addiction that destroy so many lives across the globe. Extreme Freedom is a non-profit organisation that is looking for like minded christians to join us in the fight agains drug and alcohol addiction.

Break free from drug addiction:

Some of the students who have, or currently are attending our treatment program at House Regeneration


Fighting Drug Abuse:


Our founder, Dr. Ado Krige, has been a public activist against drug abuse since 1984. He has spoken in hundreds of schools all over S.A. and in just the last three years saw more than 64 000 teenagers commit their lives to Christ after hearing his testimony about how Jesus Christ saved him from addiction and destruction 30 years ago. More...

Drug Rehabilitation & What the Bible Say's

What Happens if Secular Rehab Fails?

A) Effective drug treatment requires a holistic approach.

Body, soul and spirit constitutes three levels of therapy. The Christian Bible addresses addiction hublot replica from a spiritual perspective, requiring a change of heart (spirit), mind (soul) and then behaviour (body). The reason why secular programs so often fail is because they do not acknowledge the spirit of man.
The root cause of addiction lies in the belief system of the addicts. We are what we believe. Drug rolex replica uk is symptomatic of one’s core beliefs. Core beliefs are formed by parental influence, education, environment, social and cultural networks, childhood friends, religious beliefs and the media. Many of these contain un-biblical lies.

Our Faith-based program focuses on rolex replica sale out the lies that are self-destructive, emotionally negative and lead to dysfunctional behaviour. Although addiction leads to physical and mental disease it is not a disease of the brain in itself. That is why medication cannot cure addiction it can merely replace it with other drugs. There is no quick fix or implant that will cure rolex replica behaviour. Various models of Psychotherapy only address the mental and emotional results of addiction and might bring temporary relief but not a lasting cure.

The Bible teaches that faith in Jesus Christ rolex replica sale in a new man, whose past is forgiven, who receives a new nature from God and whose mind is renewed according to biblical principles for right living. Longstanding Bible based programs reflect a success rate up to ten times more than secular programs.

What is Addication?

A: There are two main answers to this question. One is Biblical and the other human.

In the secular humanistic world, people might have many different points of view on addiction. Some might only see it in the abuse of drugs and other substances. Others might include gambling, pornography, work, sport and any other obsessive compulsive behaviour.

In most cases they will view it as some incurable mental or emotional state and in many cases it is also classified as a disease by professional mental health workers. The persons’ inability to overcome their addiction leads to anxiety and depression. Depression is also viewed as a mental disease which is not scientifically true. There is very big danger in the latter view as people will seek medication to try and cure their emotional condition. Addiction to prescribed drugs merely replaces addiction to street drugs. Most of the time the depression deepens and so stronger drugs or dosages are prescribed. Where is the solution?

The solution is found in the Bible. The Bible describes addiction as bondage to sin. The term sin describes any and all deviation from God’s will for us. God is Truth and any deviation from His truth as recorded in the Bible causes us to sin. Sin therefore contains 5 D’s which are; Deviation, Deception, Denial, Delusion and if you stay on this path it finally ends in Destruction.

If one turns to God along the path by changing your mind to agree with Him, you receive Deliverance. All sin was paid for by Jesus Christ on our behalf so that our faith and trust in Him breaks the Bondage of sin. Once we confess our trust in Jesus, God empowers us by putting the Holy Spirit in us. In Biblical Therapy we take our students through the process of identifying the lies they believe that lead to sinful thoughts, darkened emotions and destructive behaviour. Then we teach them God’s will for their thought life and belief system. Finally they become addicted to living a God- inspired life style through the Holy Spirit.
What is the South African solution?

A: Substance abuse and destructive lifestyles will increase. Our vision is to plant a training and therapy centre like House Regeneration, Pretoria in at least every province in South Africa.

Through our online National Biblical Counselling College we want to empower enough therapists and counsellors so that we have representation in every major town and city in SA.

We are also aiming at having Xtreme-Buddy support groups throughout the country. We will use websites and the media to spread the message that Jesus still does miracles and that He can and will deliver people from bondage to heroin, tik, anti-depressants and many other substances. Through applying Biblical principles any person can start a brand new life, become a winner and enjoy the kind of life God wants us to have.
God wants to bless us so that we can bring glory to His name. The solution for South Africa is turn every addict and dealer into a follower of Jesus.
Who are we?
A: We are a family of dedicated Christians who have first-hand gone through the ravages of drug addiction and its many related evils. Ado Krige who is the executive director spent many years as an addict on the streets. He knows what it is like to try and sort oneself out in your own strength. His life in and out of drugs and the occult eventually ended up with a spell behind bars. There Jesus Christ paid him a visit which sounds like something directly out of the pages of the New Testament. This vision was birthed by God in a prison cell.

After many appearances on TV and Radio the message touched the hearts of thousands of South African families. Ado spent more than 25 years on the road speaking at gatherings big and small. In less than 3 years more than 60 000 teenagers committed their lives to Christ at school outreaches. Today Ado is assisted by his wife Annatjie, a former professional artist who also holds a degree in Occupational Therapy. She spent some years as a therapist in Weskoppies and started the OT department Denmar psychiatric clinic. Today she also holds a Masters degree and a PhD in Biblical Therapy. Warren and Darryl Krige together with their wives, Sharon who is a qualified medical sister and Kerry-lee a hairdresser, also live on the premises and assist with counselling and prayer. The family is further assisted by several other Christian couples who worship together and are in training to qualify as registered Therapists. Furthermore there are a number of XF Buddy branches where support is given to parents who have their youngsters in the House Regeneration program.

We believe in the family of God and we endeavour to turn everyone who comes in touch with us into disciples of Jesus Christ.


Join the movement to freedom, and away from addiction!


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