A Short History

Our founder, Dr. Ado Krige, has been a public activist against drugs since 1984. He was an alternative leader in Cape Town and deeply involved in the prevailing occult activities and drug dealing. It was during one of several relapses he went through after going through a re-birth experience in the early seventies that he spent a short spell behind bars for dealing in drugs. While in jail in 1984, Ado asked God some serious questions about the terrible struggle to break free from addiction. During solitary confinement he had a profound life changing encounter with Jesus Christ and with this manifestation in his jail cell he was given a vision regarding his life calling. Over the next two decades this vision would reach out to thousands of people of all ages, nations, creeds and colour suffering from substance abuse throughout Southern Africa

Ado owned up to Narcotics Officers and spent more than three years working undercover to expose syndicates. During this time he was asked to give testimony at schools in Pretoria. He started the first anti-drug youth disco in 1987 and over the years has been involved in many other exposing projects many of which were broadcast on national TV. He has spoken in hundreds of schools all over SA and in just the last three years saw more than 64 000 teenagers commit their lives to Christ after hearing his testimony.

All of us here at the Extreme Freedom Foundation is now set on educating and activating the South African community on the drug epidemic that is sweeping across not only our country, but across the globe. We encourage you all to get involved in this much needed ministry, you can contact our offices by clicking here.