Our Vision

It is our vision to establish by 2017 a national network of Bible-based activities to administrate, manage and facilitate, drug prevention programs, treatment and training centres, aftercare networks, research programs and resource marketing.

Our Mission
It is our mission to spouse partnerships with churches, schools, government departments, other PBO's, business leaders and community forums, to recruit, train and employ, volunteer, part-time and full-time workers, to assist with the following;
• Raising funds
• Managing and running prevention programs as well as treatment and training centres.
• Distributing and collecting information regarding drug awareness
• Marketing resources
Setting up aftercare and parent support groups.

Short Term Objectives

To raise funds to implement the first phase, namely to establish a full working Bible based primary care model in Pretoria, consisting of the following:
1. Regeneration treatment centre at present facilities 1.5 km on R 573 left off Zambezi drive.
2. Detoxification facility.
3. Prevention program in at least five High Schools in greater Pretoria.
4. Aftercare program involving churches and community forums
5. Counsellor training centre at House Regeneration in Derdepoort. •
6. To establish an Internet presence with full E-commerce and inter-activity capabilities to promote the vision.
7. To start an awareness and recruitment campaign to attract partners for the further rollout of the vision.