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There are many so called "mysteries" around drug addiction that modern medicine do not have answers for. This is why it is even more important today, than any other time in history, to get ourselves educated on what Gods Word says about drug addiction.

Your Book of Hope

The bible, a book we believe to be the written word of God, has a crucial element in which we find something that no other modern-day book or article has regarding drug addiction....answers. In It we not only find the answers on how to overcome drug addiction, but also we find answers and explanations to all the complexities and difficulties faced by the individual that led up to the addiction problem. The bible is our complete guidebook to a new life and image in Christ.

Get Educated

This is where we usually miss the power of Gods' Word, firstly we don't quite know what it says, and secondly we don't understand how to correctly apply it to our lives. Biblical Therapy is the curriculum offered through the NBCC (National Biblical Counseling College). Biblical Therapy teaches us how to understand why we do the things we do, as well as, how to take control of those things that have become outside of our control.
With Biblical Therapy you do not only learn how to analyze and adjust your own belief systems but you also learn how to help others bring there lives in line with what God wants for them, individually.

The Vision of the NBCC (National Biblical Counseling College) has been something which Dr. Ado Krige has been working to realize for just over 20 years. Now finally after much work, patience and prayer it has become a reality.

As a parallel project the NBCC training curriculum will address the need to create another semi-professional body of "addiction counselors" that are Bible-based. Many of these trainees will come from the treatment centers with years of experience in substance abuse. The diploma offered here will be the first step in training them to become intervention counselors or life skills coaches at schools and in church communities.

The college will be a online facility which will enable people from all over the country to get accredited as biblical counselors. The following courses and qualifications are offered:

Diploma in Biblical Intervention and Counseling

Section 1 : Biblical Studies
S1 Module 1: View of scripture: What we believe of the Bible
S1 Module 2: Handling of scripture: The literary position of the Bible books
S1 Module 3: Salvation History And Context
S1 Module 4: The gospels
S1 Module 5: Paul ’s Chronology And His Works
S1 Module 6 : The General Missionary Letters

Section 2: Biblical Therapy
S2 Module 1: What is Biblical Therapy?
S2 Module 2: Biblical Foundation for Mental Health
S2 Module 3: Regeneration
S2 Module 4: Do unto Others.....
S2 Module 5: Following Jesus
S2 Module 6: Change Your Mind Change Your Life.

Section 3: Doctrine of Faith
Introduction to Doctrines of Faith
S3 Module 2 : Bibliology

Section 4: Practical Issues
Oral Exams and Practical counseling

For some time Dr.Krige has been looking for a safe haven where they could train and accredit students as Biblical Therapists and Counsellors. At last their efforts have been rewarded. The College is in the process of registering at the South African Natural Health Practitioners Board (SANHPB) for licensing and accreditation.

Both Dr. Krige and his wife are registered by the SANHPB as Theological Counselors. The SANHPB can be contacted on the web at;
NABTAC (National Association of Biblical Therapists and Counsellors) will oversee the level of proficiency of all its members thus ensuring compliance with international standards of practice and ethics.

For more information regarding this online collage please contact our office on +27 (0)12 808 0527 or e-mail us at