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At Extreme Freedom we appreciate that we all have different gifts and talents. We also understand how much building up an individual needs when working through drug addiction. We enjoy having guest speakers\events visit our students at our regeneration facilities. If you feel you are able to contribute to our lives here please contact our office on 012 808 0527 or send us a mail by clicking here.

Area's of interest may include:

  • Arts & crafts classes.
  • Guest speakers \ testimonials.
  • Co-ordinating sports events.
  • Organized cultural outings.
  • Occupational therapy classes.
  • Assistance with construction projects (Plumbing, Electrical, Metalwork classes etc.)
  • Live performances etc.
  • Life skill classes (sewing, metalwork, music, bussiness etc.)

We would like to encourage you to get involved with this cause. No matter how small a roll you might play you could help being the breakthrough in one of our students lives.