Xtreme Buddies -

This is a network of independantly run NPO's that provided spiritual support and aftercare for people caught in the grips of substance abuse and their families. The groups are spread out nation-wide in almost all of our countries provinces. Xtreme Buddies also aids in providing a well informed platform for people caught in addiction to get much needed help and advice, as well as supporting those ready for a aftercare program.

These groups work together with all church denominations and House Regeneration Centres to provide the most effective solution to the national drug epidemic. The belief that Jesus is the only true and lasting answer to drug addiction and all its other related problems is the foundation that Xtreme Buddies and all its partners are built on.

We are continually looking to start up more of these support and awareness groups throughout the country. The drug epidemic is sweeping through our country at an astonishing rate and we believe that through Xtreme Buddies and their associate organizations there is a biblical way for people to be channelled to the correct institutions for help suffering from substance abuse.

When you are dealing with someone caught in substance abuse, may it be friends or family, it is very difficult to know what the correct action would be to take and how you would actually go about helping such individuals. Xtreme buddies is there to help and assist you to help others effectively and in a biblical manner.

Please contact us for any further information regarding our Buddies organizations.