House Regeneration

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( See )House Regeneration is the end result of over 25 years studying, researching, coaching and helping addicts in the area of overcoming substance abuse through the love and power found in the Word of God. After extensively talking to, and counselling addicts, parents and various other authorities throughout South Africa, House Regeneration's founder, Dr Ado Krige, realized the largest contributing factor keeping people away from living a life in freedom is locked away in their own mind sets and belief systems.

House Regeneration is designed to confront these deep-rooted errors in the addicts belief system, while at the same time, providing a safe and healing environment to understand and resolve these issues during the students stay there.

They teach that the Word of God is powerful and sufficient to address every single problem of the human mind and soul when applied in truth to our own belief systems. Their students do the first modules of Biblical Therapy as taught through the NBCC.

House Regeneration's setting is tranquil farm life, removed from the hustle and bustle of urban lifestyle. Students are housed in typical "school hostel" like accommodation where there is continuous interaction with peers, leaders and management. The following facilities and activities can typically be found at House Regeneration:

* Fully kitted out Gym
* Well-equipped Worship / Lecture facilities
* Swimming Pool
* Various Braai Areas including a Boma that can accommodate up to 50 people.
* High Care Areas (TLC) for both boys and girls (They are self-contained lock down facilities)
* Well stocked tuck shop that carries everything from chocolates & sweets to toilet paper & gym supplements.
* Vegetable gardens
* Pool table
* Table tennis
* Dart boards
* Big-screen projectors for praise and worship and weekend movies.

Life skills are organized through an occupational therapist for the students.